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About Catherine Holder Spude, PhD

Cathy retired from the National Park Service as a historical archaeologist, after working for 30 years conducting or consulting in archaeological projects in national parks throughout the Western United States. She loves writing about Western history, both fact and fiction. The federal government has published six archaeological monographs under her name; she has contributed to half a dozen others. She has published in Historical Archaeology, Arctic, Alaska History,CRM, NOLA, and True West.The Skagway News, in Skagway, Alaska, regularly runs her history features. In 2007, Lynn Canal Publishing, Skagway, Alaska, published her first historical novel, Sin and Grace. In 2011, the University of Nebraska Press published the book she co-edited with Robin Mills, Karl Gurcke and Roderick Sprague, Eldorado! The Archaeology of Gold Mining in the Far North. In the fall of 2012, the University of Oklahoma Press will publish her non-fiction history, "That Fiend in Hell": Soapy Smith in Legend.

Cathy writes under three pen names. These names help her readers identify her story's voice.

She uses her real name, Catherine Holder Spude, for nonfiction and mainstream historical fiction based on extensive historical research.

Cody Grant is Cathy's pen name for her Historical Mysteries in which intrepid lawmen of the west solve crimes using brains and logic more than complex technology. Her Archaeological Mysteries alternate contemporary who-dun-its with historical sleuting by brave and fearless western lawmen. All of her stories involve real, but very cold cases.

Cate Duncan treats her readers to sizzling romance. Her contemporary romance is located in the West's national parks in one of its most glamorous occupations -- archaeology. When her heroines aren't getting shot at or oggled by Bad Guys, they are digging up dirt better left uncovered. Cate's historical romance is located in the West; her heroes are cowboys or lawmen with a deep sense of right and wrong. With them, justice and honor always prevail, sometimes at the expense of love. And Cate's fantasy romances start where history ends: the day after tomorrow. What happens if we have to start all over? If there is something that science can't explain? If we have only each other, not a government, on which to rely for help?

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