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Citizen Committee 10-97

The following notes were hand-written. They were transcribed by Catherine Holder Spude on November 8, 2011.


    At a mass meeting of citizens held Oct. 9th 1897, D. J. McKinney in the Chair insisted on resigning his position as Chairman owing to adverse criticism concerning himself. The meeting unanimously resolved Mr. McKinney should act as Chairman.

    Upon motion it was carried that a committee of three (3) should be elected to raise the necessary funds to defend the rights of Skaguay property holders against the usurpation of one Bernard Moore and that such committee should have full power to Act and take care of the property interest of Skaguay holders –

    The chair was moved to appoint a committee of three (3) to supervise the election of above committee so that none but bonafide property holders should vote upon the election of such a committee the chair thereupon appointed:

    Thomas Ward

    Dr. Hornsby
David Samson

The Committee retired and the election was then held and

F. H. Clayson
Dr. Hornsby

having received the majority of votes present were declared elected by the Chaimen.

It was moved and carried that a vote of thanks whould be rendered to the committee on election.

    No further business appearing before the meeting, it adjourned subject to the call of the Chairman.

                                                                                    D. J. McKinney


                                                                                    E. F. Miller


United States

District of Alaska

E. F. Miller being duly sworn deposes and says: that he is a resident of the Town of Skagway, Alaska, and that he was the duly elected secretary of the meeting held as herein before set forth and that he duly acted as such Secretary during said meeting, and as such Secretary, kept full and correct minutes of said meeting, and that the above is a full and correct account of the proceedings and at such meeting, and of the whole [illegible], by me at such meeting as such Secretary.

                                                                                    E. F. Miller

Sworn and subscribed before me this 16th day of October, 1897.

                                                                                    Alfred Daly

                                                                                         Notary Public of Alaska


                                                                                    Skaguay, Alaska

                                                                                    Oct 14th, 1897

    The Committee elected by the Citizens of Skaguay to protect their interest in the matter of the land patent application of Bernard Moore met at 7 o’clock p.m.

    All the member of the Committee were present consisted of Messers Klinkenstein, Clayson and Hornsby.

     On Motion of Mr. Clayson, Mr. J. G. Price was elected attorney for the people of Skaguay in the matter referred to and was given power to act as attorney and trustee in the matter. He was empowered to proceed with the full powers of the Committee to act for, and in the interests of the people of Skaguay.

                                                                                    M. Klinkonstein

                                                                                    J. Allen Hornsby

                                                                                    F. H. Clayson

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