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Devil's Deal

Devil's Deal

A Mystery
By Cody Grant



Landscape architect Grayson Means is going someplace in this world. He knows he can redesign the Yellowstone Greater Ecosystem and recreate it the way God meant it, if he could just get rid of all these meddling politicians and special interests. He encounters the Devil in Yellowstone National Park and makes a deal. His soul for unlimited power. Power that can take him all the way to the White House. Who could turn down a deal like that?

Thomas Whitewolf, a Yellowstone Ranger and member of the Blackfoot Tribe, never cared much for these outsiders coming in and telling the locals how to run their park, but he does what he’s told. Previous planners talked a lot, tried to get folks to agree to a preconceived way of doing things, and generated a lot of paper. Then they went away, and that’s the last you heard of them. This Means fellow is something different.

First of all, Means has great ideas about what to do with Yellowstone, ones everyone in the park likes. Second, he seems to have found a way to get them done, and no one is standing in his way. The ones that do all seem to die mysterious deaths.  It seems too "good" to be true.

It is. And in the end, the only one who can stop him is Thomas Whitewolf.

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