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Garside Survey 1896

Charles W. Garside, a United States Deputy Surveyor, for the District of Alaska General Land Office, surveyed the Bernard Moore Trading and Manufacturing Site of 160 acres between July 18 and 24, 1896. The map itself was introduced as an exhibit during the filing of the original law suit. It shows that as of July 1896, the Moore's had built a log cabin, a brush stable, the beginnings of a wharf and had put up 5/8 mile of barbed wire fencing. They had cleared 8 acres of the 160 and had constructed a pack trail through their site. Significantly, the George Buchanon trading and manufacturing site is shown immediately to the north of the 160 acres claimed by the Moores.

The text on the map has been transcribed by Catherine Holder Spude on January 6, 2016, as shown below. The map itself is reproduced below the transcribed text.

Text of 1896 Garside Survey

Plat of U. S. SURVEY No. 13 made under sections 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 of an Act of Congress, entitled “An Act to repeal timber culture laws and for other purposes,” and the Regulations thereunder, known as the Bernard Moore Trading and Man’fg Site situate at Shkaguay Bay, Taiya Inlet in the Sitka Land district, District of Alaska, containing an area of 160 Acres.

Scale of 5 chs or 330 feet to the inch.

Variation 30 degree 00 minutes East.

Deposited for Field work, $330

Deposited for Office work, $70

Refunded $______

Surveyed July 18th to July 24th inc. 1896 by Chas. W. Garside

United States Deputy Surveyor.

The Original Field Notes of the Survey of the Claim known as the Bernard Moore Trading and Man’fg Site from which this plat has been made under my direction have been examined and approved, and are on file in this Office; and I hereby certify that they furnish such and accurate description of said Claim as will, if incorporated into a patent, serve fully to identify the premises, and that such reference is made therein to natural objects or permanent monuments as will perpetuate and fix the locus thereof.

I further certify that the value of the improvements made upon said claim by Bernard Moore claimant or his grantors is the value of 750.00 dollars, and that said improvements consist of Log House, Work on Wharf, 5/8 mile Barb Wire Fencing, 8 Acres Land Cleared, Brush Stable and Pack Trail, that the location of all improvement upon said claim is correctly shown upon this plat.

And I further certify that this is a correct plat of said Claim, made in conformity with said original field notes of the survey thereof, and the same is hereby approved.

Ex-Officio U. S. Surveyor General’s office, Sitka Alaska, March 1st, 1897, Louis G. Williams, Ex-Officio U. S. Surveyor General for the District of Alaska.

Department of the Interior General Land Office, Washington, D. C. _______, 189_. The above plat of the survey of the Bernard Moore Trading and Manufacturing site has been examined and found correct, and the same is hereby approved. [No signature], Commissioner General, Land Office.

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