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Historical Documents

Original historical documents are becoming easier and easier to access. As more and more libraries and archives are scanning their collections and putting them on their website, researchers can do their studying from the comfort of their computers at home.

There is nothing like transcribing a hand-written document to learn what an individual had to say about what was happening at the time of a historic event. Even retyping the words of a newspaper or proofing the scanned image of a typescript can be of use to a historical researcher. As I collected material for my books on Soapy Smith and saloons, prostitutes and temperance, as well as my up-coming biography on Si Tanner, I realized that I should make previously unreachable resources available to other researchers. With a little extra effort, I could put what I've transcribed on my website for others to use.

I will be adding to these transcriptions and research tools as I continue my Skagway research. Please let me know what you think.



Reverend Sinclair Papers: The diary, letters and writings of John A. Sinclair, 1898 - 1901

The Skagway Townsite Files:
        Frank Reid Testimony
        Valentine vs. Moore Testimony

Newspaper Clippings
        Soapy Smith Newspaper Clippings
Skagway Baseball clippings

Citizen Committee Meeting, October 1897

Skagway Saloons: A synopsis of the prominent saloons in town from 1898-1916

Red Onion Saloon: Newspaper notes on this popular saloon, and its successors.

Skagway Prostitutes: A detailed listing of all prostitutes names encountered in newspaper articles, criminal records, tax and deed records between 1897 and 1917.

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