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Historical Romances
By Cate Duncan


Do you love steamy romances with older characters, men and women who have maybe been around the block a couple of times? Cate Duncan's idea of ROMANCE may be what you're  waiting for.

No trembling virgins waiting for a  gentle man here. No, Cate's women know what they want, because what they've had haven't been real men. And when they see a real man, they know what they've found. More likely than not, the man they want wants them, too. Wanting's not the problem. Taking's usually pretty easy, too. But because they're older, life has way of interfering with what grown-up people want and need.

As Cate Duncan's strong men and women learn to rely on one another to overcome the obstacles to what they both want -- to be together! -- they always find that they have to relinquish control...something very hard for such hard-headed characters. But such is the nature of true love.

All of Cate's stories are set in the West. Her heroines are self-sufficient, independent, and know what they want; her heroes are strong, protective, and irritatingly right, with a strong sense of justice. They aren't always on the right side of the law, but their sense of honor runs as deep as their love. Their women will die for them or with them, and they will do the same for their women.

Go ahead, and peruse Cate Duncan's Historical Romances....


Pretty Face

The Outlaw's Promise

A Name Redeemed

Grace Redeemed

Honor Redeemed

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