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Who Killed Soapy?
        Si Tanner Biography

 Frank W. Clancy Biography
Red Onion Saloon, notes


Transcribed historic documents relating to Skagway, Alaska in the first two decades of the twentieth century:

 Rev. John A. Sinclair Papers

      Skagway Townsite Files

      Newspaper Clips

Soapy Newspaper Clips

Resources for researchers and genealogists

Will Woodin's Autobiography

Prostitutes in Skagway, Alaska

Saloons in Skagway, Alaska

Skagway Lot Locations


        With Blood in His Eye: The Biography of Josiah M. "Si" Tanner. 1852-1927. Sheriff, Captain, U. S. Deputy Marshal, Magistrate, Baseball Team Manager, City Councilman, Mayor, Territorial Senator, U. S. Marshal. They called him a lot of things. More than one newspaper referred to him as "Uncle Si." I called him "Con Man's Curse" in True West Magazine's June 2007 issue. That was for his role in rounding up the "Soapy" Smith gang in July 1898. It was just one of many jobs he undertook in his long career of public service.

Wyatt Earp's Saddle Horn: Examine the reliability of the various accounts by Earp, Hooker, Flood, Burns and Lake on the shooting of Wyatt Earp's saddle horn at Iron Springs.

Cottonwood Springs, Arizona:
Finding the place where Wyatt Earp killed Curly Bill Brocius.

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