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Tuck Flaharty Photos
When Sin and Grace was in the final stages of lay-out and design, I contacted Chuck Roehr, the great nephew of Tuck Flaharty, to give him a chance to read a copy of the final manuscript of the book. He had discovered a number of photographs of Tuck since I had last talked to him three years before. It was too late to change my drawings, the ones I had made based largely on imagination. Here is Tuck as he really was.

Tuck Flaharty at age 28 in Skagway, Alaska in 1903. He worked for the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad and had not yet achieved his dream of owning his own saloon. Courtesy Chuck Roehr.

Flick Flaharty (left) and Tuck Flaharty (right) in Skagway, Alaska in the early 19-teens. Tuck is goofing off, as usual. Note, again, the big dog. Courtesy, Chuck Roehr.

I knew I had one photograph of Tuck before Chuck sent me these family photographs. I knew Tuck had to be in this group photo of the Monkey Wrenches taken in 1905 (Courtesy Alaska State Library, Historical Collection).

In my sketch on page 21 of Sin and Grace, you can all see that I incorrectly identified Tuck as the man sitting on the hand cart. Just because I didn't know about the big dog...who would have made a GREAT character in the book! See, a historian's work is never done!

Tuck at age 10 in 1885, in Bucyrus, Ohio. Note the big dog. Courtesy Chuck Roehr.

Tuck, obviously fond of big dogs, in a 19-teens photograph in Skagway. The dogs were never mentioned in the newspaper accounts. Courtesy Chuck Roehr.

If I'd known of Tuck's fondness for dogs, he would have been easy to pick out...find the big dog, find Tuck. Courtesy Alaska State Library, Historical Collection.

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