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Valentine Recall


On April 6, 1898, attorneys Malony and Winn recalled Emery Valentine to the stand to clarify the process by which he formed a partnership with Jorgensen and Sylvester.


Emory Valentine was recalled and testified further as follows:

Q. Are the respective owners of all this property which you rep­resent in this protest in possession of their respective por­tion of the same now?

A. They are.

Q. And your company has been in the possession of this property claimed there since the time you purchased it?

A. We have.

[Signed] Emery Valentine

I hereby certify that the foregoing testimony was read by me and corrected in the presence of the witness, and that it was then subscribed to by him in my office in, Sitka, Alaska, this 6th day of April, 1898.

[Signed] John W. Dudley


By request of protestant’s counsel, there being no objection, this case was held open pending the arrival of certain documentary evidence which said counsel desires to introduce in evidence. 

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