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Sin and Grace:
A Historical Novel of the Skagway Alaska Sporting Wars


Based on a True Story
with Illustrations by Author Catherine Holder Spude

 In 1898, Tuck Flaharty followed his brother Flick north to find gold. Instead he discovered a man’s world, where he could drink beer in the convivial company of the saloon, play games on the ball fields, in the pool halls, bowling alleys, and gambling halls, and love the women of the red light district. And one woman in particular – Essie, the woman with the milky skin and the dark brown ringlets. The woman who hoped one day to be Queen of the District, just as Tuck dreamed of owning the Board of Trade Saloon.
Anna Stinebaugh, wife of the Principal Barber, knew she could make this ugly, raw town of Skagway safe for her children. It would take time and patience,but a strong woman with conviction could do it. If she and her companions in the struggle to do what was right for the downtrodden women of America had to do it one saloon keeper, one corrupt politician, and one prostitute at a time, they would. And nothing could stop them, not if it took their lifetimes and their souls.
Si Tanner, the heart and soul of Skagway, knew everyone in his town. He owned it like a mother owned a child or a wife owned a husband. Others might think they ran the town, but only one man ever really ran Skagway. That was Si Tanner, and he wouldn’t let anyone destroy his town.

 The Klondike Gold Rush has received all of the press in Skagway’s history. The truth be told, the best stories have all been hidden away. Until now.

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